Seria of works "Memory", the pigment painting, plexiglass, pigment, diam. 35 cm., 2014


Portraits of older people, prominent members of the Soviet project: honored workers, teachers, labor heroes, professors, designers, test pilots, honored artists and artists. There is a saying that the war will end only when the last soldier is buried. Soviet project ends exactly when the life goes out of its last representative, who had a direct relation to it. The portraits in this series are made using contactless pigment painting. The image appears for a few seconds. In creating the portraits of the artist's corporeality is excluded, excluded direct physical contact with the artist's paintings surface. Contactless pigment painting was first shown at the exhibition "Manifestation" in the gallery Random, Moscow.

Pigment painting - the author's reception of the artist, which was first shown at the exhibition "Manifestation" in 2014, in the gallery "Random", Moscow. These works are on display along with the video creation process. Syplyuschiesya pigment adheres to the image invisible pre-written on the glass surface. To preserve the image surface is covered restorative composition based on an epoxy resin.

The author often resorts to the use of plastic glass (plexiglass), which is easy to electrolysis, thus formed on the surface of magnetic attraction. Rolling in the pigment, its the smallest particles adhere especially in naelektrolizovanyh places and create a pattern of a thin layer of pigment dust. Such unevenness prilepaniya pigment in a compartment with magnetic patterns create nerukotvtornuyu visibility. Pigment painting, her expressive language, much interesting for a spontaneous manifestation of the image, when participation in the process of creating hudzhonika Svidén to a minimum.