"Three Days in October ... to the 20th anniversary events of 1993"

Curated by Vladimir Potapov, Budraitskis Ilya, Ilya Bezrukov

20 years have passed.


Moscow events in 1993 became the starting point of the history of modern political order in Russia. It is in this, still before the end of unexamined and neprogovorennoy sequence of events - the escalating conflict and the President of the Supreme Council, the three-day bloody drama on the streets of the city and the adoption of the new Constitution - are the answers to the fundamental questions of our time.


The tragic fall of 1993, which has put our country on the brink of civil war, for so many of our fellow citizens still remains not only understood, but not seen.


During these 20 years, the last Soviet generation has appeared at the end of life in the "alien" world and tries to understand how and why it happened - and what they did wrong.


Over the past 20 years, the children of the Soviet Union experienced a "dashing" 90 and "stable" zero. Right now it is time for them to look back over my life, to ensure the correct way - or vice versa, that somewhere was made a big mistake.


Over 20 years in our country a new generation of 30-year-olds, which is to try not to turn our present into the future.


20 years we have lived, loved, to bear and raise children, to break the old and build new. We saw a new era of enthusiasm and periods of frustration. We saw the world around them.


But we have not really added confidence that the "White" House tomorrow overnight will not again "black".


The exhibition does not set a goal to provide answers and solutions ready to show.

We are just beginning to analyze the events of those days. Sometimes dispassionately, sometimes too emotional, but constantly worrying and remains unanswered question -

"What really happened in Moscow cold autumn of 1993?"


Ilya Bezrukov

Ilya Budraitskis