Seria of works "Light", 2013-14

The main idea is a series of artificial light on examples of Soviet bulbs and "rich" chandeliers on the one hand and Ikea lamps and fixtures on the other.

In the first case - a light bulb in the kitchen, which in Soviet times was also a meeting place and a venue for exhibitions, poetry readings and concerts apartment. The light bulb was a very intimate and socially localized. In the second - "rich" chandeliers vestibley culture palaces and halls of the subway as a symbol of majestic public presentation mode, stun its scope and pathos. On the contrary utilitarian fixtures and lamps from IKEA store, filling their energy-saving light modern Russian life, and actively displace old counterparts. These contrasts show temporal and cultural gaps so characteristic of Russian history.

"Свет №3"

фанера-масло, 19х24 см., 2013, автор Потапов Владимир