"Elevator", Moscow, 2016


1 picture (only!) could sell Van Gogh during his lifetime

2 hand ready to give Egon Schiele for the "most beautiful of the girls" and only one (right) for art

3 rubles a month - this amount could live Vrubel on bread and water.

"4 season"- the name of the restaurant, which Rothko denied selling series of works, not wanting to entertain the rich

years - an initial period of writing "The Appearance of Christ to the people", but it was 20 years.

6 Modigliani's friends laughed at his sculptures, after which he began to paint only

7 colors in the rainbow - it is impermissible for a gross painter rounding

8 minutes flying photon from the Sun to the Earth, breaking 149.6 million km, to illuminate your canvas.

9 Gerhard Richter was born in February. Wish him many years!

10 hours workday lasted Gauguin when he worked as a digger at the Panama Canal